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"Successful people are always looking for a way to help others, Unsuccessful people are always asking 'What's in it for me"- Brian tracy.

Hello beautiful people, 

When I started blogging newly, it was quite difficult for me to meet other bloggers and really find tips about blogging. I found some online and with few prsonal experiences. So I thought to myself 'why can't I help other upcoming bloggers of this stress?'. If you are just viewing this blog for the first time bloggers diary is a post on interviews with bloggers where they share tips on styling, blogging and so on. I don't want to be selfish about this so if you have any blogger you would want to see for the month, just email me at or check contact me on the top part of the blog for more ways to contact me and I would sure appreciate your suggestions.

Back to the post, this month I featured  the stylish and mother of three; Esther of house of sienna, she was one of my followers and I also featured her as one of my  top ten bloggers with unique style. She is a blogger, a personal stylist and a personal shopper, Enjoy the interview.

 Please do introduce yourself?

 My name is Esther Gbudje,  I am a wife and mother to two beautiful girls and 1 handsome boy, I love singing,  composing songs, blogging,  shopping lol.

 What inspired you to start blogging and when did you start blogging?

 Hmmmm what inspired me, actually I saw few fashion blogs and since I love dressing up, I love looking good, I said to myself I know I can do this too and some of my friends encouraged me too, I started blogging in 2013.

How did you come up with the blog name?

 I always said when I start my business I would use my first child's name, and so was it. And when I wanted to start blogging the name just stuck.

Apart from blogging what else do you do?

 I run a fashion business kinda like personal shopping, I sing too hopefully would be releasing a single soon

 As a personal shopper how do you keep your customers satisfied and what do you look out for in every client before you start shopping?

 I listen to their demands, I offer advice where necessarily and also source for things that affordable,  well I look out for serious customers lol, I ask questions so we are clear before we start any transaction and yes sometimes I do turn down some people especially if I know a customer would give me too much trouble.

 Any shopping and style tips you want to share?

 When shopping take an inventory of your closet, so you wont buy an item twice, don't buy on impulse, do window shopping, you can even try thrift shops too there are loads of treasures there, I have bought very lovely things from thrift shops, and also remember cut your cloth according to your size, be content too. Be your own stylist, be adventurous,  know your body type. 

Define your personal style?

My personal style is edgy, classy and chic

Big bags, clutches or strap bags?

 I used to love big bags not anymore, my love for crossbody bags keeps increasing day by day

 Heels, wedges, or flats?

 Heels, heels, heels lol I wear flats wither when I am pregnant or doing school runs ( Pls oh its taking my daughter to school lol). 

How has blogging been so far especially as a mother and wife I know it isn't easy balancing both?

 Blogging has been great, love every time when I have to put something down, its not been easy though especially when so many things demands your attention,  sometimes I blog at night when my kids are asleep, I thank God for my husband, he is my number one fan, my super supporter

 What do you think every lady should have in their wardrobe?

.Black Dress, White dress, Black blazer, Jeans, White Shirt, Black heels, Handbag

The most expensive item in your wardrobe?

 My Blue Topshop platform shoes bought it 2 years ago for £100

 Who does your lovely hairstyles and takes your pictures?

 My friend does my hair her son and my daughter both attend the same school and Deltan King takes my pictures (Le Boo) lol.

 Your mantra?

 Live life to the fullest

 Please do different classy and trendy in your own words?

 Classy is when you dress for you, your personal style reflects how trendy you can be

Your beauty routine?

 I don't really have a beauty routine, surprised? Lol

Your advice for up and coming bloggers?

 Believe in yourself,  don't give up, keep blogging

I really love her lovely way of replying questions and she is officially my personal shopper lol. She is also from Nigeria, Delta to be precise. you can view her blog here to se more of her lovely styles. What do you think about her style and who would you love to be featured next? Ciao.


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