Thursday, 24 July 2014


'It's the 'G' in the race, that I call grace'- Anonymous

Polka dots clothes its something that has come to stay, from the look of things it might be in trend in all seasons. I have had this skirt for  a long time now and I wore it once in a while. I wanted to wear it only on polka dots shirt when my mum suggests that I wear it in three different ways and VOILA!!! I did. I have allso had this wine top for some time now so I paired it with the skirt and my all seaseon yellow show ( the shoe knows its way to out to places already :). Finally, in the third look I paired it with my red pumps and vintage shirts fro vintage weare. So what do you think about this look? Which look do you like the most?

polkadots on polkadots

Bye lovelies and do have a blessed week.

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