Wednesday, 11 June 2014


peplum gown

Hello beautiful people, been long you saw me right? yeah I know, no more excuses but trust me the absence was worth it. Back to my post, I read this lovely post from supplechic and it really inspired me. I was really sad about my self when I was younger, first I had full lips, I am shorter than my peers and I was fat. I remembered at one time I was named "opom" which means shapelessly fat in youruba- Nigeria. In fact most times I would ask my dad if my full lips would become smaller as I grow up and he would laugh and remind me how cute I was. I grew up reducing to a size 8 and my full lips were still there, and my legs have this unusaul stretch marks and my legs looks big. But the funny thing is I am so much in love with my self now, I love my lips and my legs really makes me look cute. Its doesn't really matter what people say anymore, because I know who I am. I am the apple of Gods eyes created in his likeness and image. I know who I am and I know who God says I am. I have grown to see myself as 'miss portable'. Do you know who you are? Please do share in the comments below.

peplum and perspex purse

peplum dress and shoedazzle shoe

peplum dress and perspex cluthch

thrifted dress

Back to my outfit, I was wearing a peplum gown I got from a thrift store just like the one I wore here, I don't think I am done with peplums yet; so just stick around for more. I combined it with heels from shoe dazzle and my perspex purse. Hope you like it? Do you think peplums are still in vougue? Please do answer in the comments coloumn below. Bye and do have a blessed week.

p.s I changed my blog name to Belle Baks so it wont sound like Linda Ikeji's blog :)

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