Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hello beautiful people, How are you guys doing? yeah I know my post title sounds really awkward because "we no get summer for naija". But since it's almost summer and I am excited about summer sales (awoof) I just wanted to post an outfit in advance. My outfit does made me look taller, well I think it's because of the vintage shorts and the basic shirt from Zara. And thank God I found a better camera but I still decree professional camera IJN please do say amen for me lol.

Back to my outfit, I am not really a fan of shorts but when I got this vintage shorts I fell in love with it at first sight, I haven't worn a basic shirt in a while and so I did wore it with red courts from just fab and amazingly I looked taller. I might be wearing shorts often but I am just skeptical about my stretch marks,
 :( Any advice?
So what do y'all think about my outfit? You know how we do it, please do comment on the comment column and thank you all guys for your comments, you all are awesome. Do have a blessed week. Bye.

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