Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hi beautiful people,
Thank God for the breath of life and for his grace. On one lovely day, I got a mail from  Mod cloth to join fellow bloggers in ther uniuely you campaign, amazing right? Sadly, I was very busy and that was when I was off from the blog. But thank GOd I would be participating in this week's challenge. YAY!!!
Assembling clothes are fun, I do that a lot on games and I would love to be part of this challenge. What I have to do is create a story board using wanelo and choose seven other assembles to match the cloth sent from modcloth. So much fun.

My story board idea got inspired from my first post called "my yellow secret". Yellow makes me stand out when I was very fat, and very shapeless. I thought I had no hope of being beautiful but anytime I wear the yellow colour I always impress myself and I have won inter-school sports just by wearing yellow.

Item sent by modcloth
                                                                Sailboat-load of Fun Dress
Sailboat-load of Fun Dress- $89.99



my wanelo story board:

Thinking of what life would bring, all hopes lost, all faith lost. No shape, no curves for good clothes, bad feeling if beauty ever had a clue of who I am. But here comes the colour yellow to save the day and bring out the beauty from the unbeautiful. Now full of life and ready to live in the glory the colour brings. All ready for reunion with family and friends with less worries with this mod cloth dress.

Assemblies to fit the dress for the occassion:

Bags & Accessories - No Conquest Ring in GoldShoes - Dinner and Dancing Heel in Camel
Bags & Accessories - Quote Couture EarringsBags & Accessories - Camp Director Tote in Day Camp

Bags & Accessories - The Pearl I Love Headband                     Bags & Accessories - Cat Eye Cutie Sunglasses

                                             Bags & Accessories - Prized Plume Bracelet
More of these cute dresses can be found on mod cloth's below.
                                        Dresses - Artisan Iced Tea Dress in Raspberry

Bye lovelies,
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