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midi skirts and prints
Brenda of canneverbeaskinnybish

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up- proverbs 12:25

Hello beautiful people,

My first week in the blogging industry was not that palatable. The thoughts of seeing "No comments" can really be discouraging. But when I was about giving up, I read a post on cannneverbeaskinnybish blog. It was about blogging tips; I really can't remember the exact title though, but it changed my whole perspective about blogging.

I really do love brenda's style and her humble way of answering comments really caught my attention. And that lovely blog name really got me thinking "what was really behind the name". Brenda was my first follower on GFC and I would be ungrateful if I don't give my role model the interview she deserves. Here is Brenda's blog diary and this is also to celebrate my blogversary. Enjoy the interview.

1. please introduce yourself.

 My name is Brenda C and I am a Gabon-born Cameroonian residing in Toronto. I love Ankara, color and my curves, and have lots of fun dressing myself (and other people) up.

Ankara peplum
Brenda wearing her fav "ankara"

ankara bags

2. Define your style?

My style is summed up as: print-meets-curves-meets-color, if that makes sense, haha.

                          polka dots on polkadots

3. How did you come up with your blog name and how has blogging been so far?

 I honestly cannot say for certain how the blog name came up but I know it has to do with one of those days when I wasn't happy with my weight and was just thinking about the hardships I face in regards to my self-esteem and losing weight and I probably thought to myself, "Damn, why can't I be skinny?" lol.
Blogging has been good overall but I need to push myself more. I do find that my blog and Facebook page aren't as interactive as they used to be before I moved to Wordpress but it's all good.

4. Your style influence(s)?

For the most part, my style influences are fellow bloggers I see everywhere and then a few celebrities like Solange Knowles, Zendaya and more.

                            monochrome dress

5. Any fashion faux pas?

 I have had many faux pas that others may not consider to be faux pas. I think the most recent may have been when I stepped out of the house in a cute but short skirt, only for a strong wind to blow my skirt up while I was crossing the road!

6. You moved your blog from blogspot to a custom website and now you are back o blogspot, any reason for that?

Haha, the main reason for the move was for me to have my custom domain! I would have just stayed with Blogspot if my web designer was very comfortable and familiar with it. I wanted to move back to Blogger but couldn't get rid of the Wordpress one just like that so I created a blog extension. I personally prefer Blogspot though.

                         black midi skirts

7. Where do you shop?

I do shop everywhere, mostly online though as I hate malls. I love Asos, Ankara sites, Virgos lounge, Andrea Iyamah, Miss Beida Fashions and H&M a lot.

8. Flats, heels or wedges?

Heels please!!

                                 nude bag and shoes

              fur on pants

9. You won't be caught dead in?

 I would like to think I won't be caught dead in booty shorts and boots...looks pretty awful on me.

10. Oldest and most expensive item in your wardrobe?

Oldest item would be an ankara piece I came to Canada with from Cameroon. Most expensive is definitely my hand-crafted Virgos lounge metallic skirt~
metalic skirt from virgos lounge
Brenda on virgos lounge metalic skirt
                         virgos lounge metalic jacket

11. Label freak or anything goes?

 Anything really goes. Some of the nicest things I own have come from less known labels from Winners and thrift shops.

12. Your role model in the blogging industry?

It's hard to pick 1 role model because i look to lots of bloggers for different things. I must say: Stella from J'adore Fashion, Shirley from Shirley's wardrobe, Ashleigh from The Daleigh, Lydia from Artbecomesyou and Nika from Fashion Agony are some of my favorites!

                                   skinny jeans

13. Differentiate between style and fashion in your own words?

Style is what you make of Fashion! (I just came up with that, haha). Style is personal and you. Fashion is international.

14. Shoes, Bags or Clothe lover?

Hmm, clothes actually! I am not that into bags but shoes come second!

brenda of canneverbeaskinnybish
Her love for shoes

                         zara bag
15. Who does your lovely hairstyle and who takes your pictures?

Thanks for the compliment! My current curly hairstyles have been done by my good friend and they're all crochet braids.I take 95% of my pictures myself using a tripod and remote control!

16. Your mantra?

 Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

                      pink midi skirt

17. Advice for up and coming bloggers?

Network, network, put yourself out there. Be available on all major social media platforms. Take clear photos, practice posing, take care of your skin and Have fun!!!

                          brenda of canneverbeaskinnybish

I really love her lovely ways of answering questions and she is just too stylish. I featured her here as one of my top ten bloggers. Want to see more of Brenda? Please do check her lovely blog here and her website here. What do you think of her style? and which of her pictures do you like most? Whose blog diary would you want to see on the blog? Thank you so much lovelies and don't forget to wish me happy anniversary. Bye.

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