Friday, 13 February 2015


"love is forever- 1st cor 13"

Hi belles,
 Even though I am not so freaked about valentine, I usually ask myself what would be the most perfect val gift? Everyone would be so crazy about red tomorrow but I would have opted for more unique colours. Red is the colour of love but who said other colours wont make me stand out. Well I would be at my boutique tomorrow so just in case you were thinking of giving me a lovely valentine gift, I think this is for you *osho free girl* you think I am, but please is it my fault? I am a lady too, lol. Here goes my wishlist fore valentine.

kandee girl shoe
kandee girl shoe

kandee girl shoes
kandee girl

If I was giving a chance to loot a store, I definitly would go to the kandee girl store. I am not really a shoe freak but this shoes surely give me sleepness nights. Please my crush, note this. lol

aldo satchel bag

I have too many lipie item in my wishlist but what would a girl do, this bag speaks for itself. Perfect gift for a perfect girl or what do you think?

adrianna papell dress

Who wont faint at the sight of this dress, even a guy would. Trust me I saved the best for last. This Adrinna Papell dress is the bomb and it would explode *just kidding*.
So thats it my valentines wishlist, so dont just say you love me, surprise me with them and *amma love you forever*. lol. You want to tell me your valwntines wishlist, I am all ears, please her it in the comment column.

Till next time,


Disclamer . I do not own any of these pictures.
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