Friday, 17 April 2015


"Its not of him that willeth or of him that runneth but of the lord that showeth mercy"

Ever since I became a boutique owner, I have met different types of people; the good, the nice and the cruel. Don't get me wrong I love meeting people and I am nice to all but just like my British friend; Alison would say "sometimes you have to be cruel to be nice". Confused about what I mean right? Let me explain.

It was a day to valentine, I am not in any relationship so I don't always look forward to celebrating Val with any one special. But this year I decided to throw a love feast party for workers and clients in the store. I wore this Boohoo leopard print dress that was available in two pairs in the store.

 Well I had a swell time and everyone said I looked dashing, went home and the next day I came back to find the store doors opened ajar and voila!!! The store has been looted and the second pair of the dress has been stolen with some other items at the store.

Even if only few items were stolen, Sometimes I just wonder how humans can be so heartless so please forgive if I embrace my friend's advice. Lest I forget If you don't have this dress you are missing and the bad news is sold out online but you can still find it in stores. Till next week belles I am back as a blogger *dancing*. Please how has people paid you your good deeds back?

boohoo ruby leopard print dress in red

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