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Hello beautiful people,

                            Jennifer Lopez Clothes

Nigeria traditional styles

I have this beautiful cousin that thinks every colors she wears should match perfectly, I mean her skirt must be in the same colour with her shoes and same colours with her accessories and sometimes even bags. And anytime I tell her "Babe you need to dress to form colours" she would say; " Yetunde those colour blocking things are not for me.

Moreover, I was once like her too. Back then in the good old tutorial days, I was nick-named "to match" :(. You really can't blame me I was ignorant of colour blocking then.
Next blazers

But now I love color blocking . Its just that you have to stick to a maximum of three colours just like I did here.  I still feel same colour tone is  not bad if worn in a good way. I love the way Jenifer lopez wore the same color tone and how she mixes it with her lip and hair colour.

                            chiffon mark&spencer shirt - bootcut mark&spencers pants
                           Jennifer Lopez Clothes

I really do love the one tone colour on J-lo. But what do you guys think about wearing the same colour tone. Do you want to share colour faux pax. Please do that in the comment box below. Bye lovelies and do have a splendid week ahead.

p.s I need to buy a professional camera, What brand do you think is best for bloggers?


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