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 When purpose is not known abuse is inevitable- Bishop David Oyedepo

Hi lovelies,

I promised to make this blog a weekly blog, Monday to be precise but I am sorry I haven't been consistent. So here's the deal to remain consistent I would be blogging Mondays and Fridays (Its not easy though but I owe you all :). 
 Wow you won't believe it I got 2  nominations for liebster award by Cheechee of the The comfy chic blog. (Thank you so much chichi) and Desola Mako of style expressions. I am honored to be a member of this community for up and coming bloggers.

However, I found out that Liebster award is given by bloggers  to bloggers with less than 200 followers based on nominations. There is actually no set stage or a visible award as you may think, and who started it is still a mystery  but it is just a chain to link bloggers based on their reactions and a way to welcome you to "blogosphere" ( you keep the chain going when you accept it or refuse the award and break the chain). You can also nominate bloggers who have been nominated before in as much as they have less than 200 followers.

 official rules for liester award


1. Thank the person that nominated you in your post and add a link to their blog on your post (Just the way I did).

2. Display the award on your blog 

3. List eleven facts about you.

4. Answer the 11 random questions the person that nominates you asked.

5. Generate 11 questions for bloggers you nominated.

6. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.


1. I love God and I put him in everything I do even in blogging :)

2. I love shopping, even when I am lonely I shop to be happy.

3. I read everywhere; while eating, In the toilet, Even in the kitchen.

4. The only time I entered a plane was during an excursion in my primary school * covers face*

5. I am a label freak.

6. I am a very shy person but I put up a bold face that makes you think I am a snub :) (That's bad very bad because you create a bad impression even when you are a very nice person).

7. I love unique things, I just love when things are different from the norm.

8. I am short, 5"1. I was the shortest in my department/class back then.

9. My family is my backbone and my brothers are my closest friend.

10. My favorite prayer point is "lord please order my steps.

11. I always try not to repeat clothes because I want you to see a different me everyday.


1. What is that food you can eat all day long? 

Rice, I don't mind eating it for a week too. LOL

2. Alcohol or ice-cream?

Ice-cream definitely. I haven't tasted anything alcohol before.

3.If you are to meet your very educated and fashionable mother-in-law for the very first time what will you wear?

I would wear a well tailored unique traditional attire designed by me. 

4.What is your dream job?
To be a famous beauty consultant and a fashion stylist.

5.What is the most expensive item you've gotten for yourself or as a gift?

 My perspex purse.

6.Makeup or Clothes
Clothes definitely, no one sees your make-up until you come close but clothes speaks volume from afar.

7.If you have a chance to meet and spend a full day with a hollywood personality who will it be?

Angelina Jolie for sure. I love her heart for charity.

8.What is that dream item or accessory you one day wish to own?

Fendi fur monster face bag.

9.What genre of music is your preference?
Gospel RnB

10.Dresses or pants?

 Pants for sure I am a bit tomboyish.
11.What is your typical go-to outfit?

A polo top and a pair of jeans or pant.


1. what's your favourite blog post on my blog and on yours?

My favorite blog post is my interview with garner style, and my favorite post on your blog is the two way mens shirt

2. what is your life's motto?

This life is not ours it belongs to God, so stop saying  'I love my life'.

3. what/who is most responsible for your life's success?

God, My parents and my lovely Brothers.

4. your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

My chanel blazers. It makes me look very classy, I actually nicknamed it 'Governor's blazer'.

5. what's your cyber pet peeve?

I can't stand spam messages.

6. Who is the most stylish celebrity to you?

Kerry Washington baby!

7. what colour do you wear/own the most?


8. favourite bible verse or quote?

As a golden ring in the nose of a pig, so is a pretty woman without intelligence.

9. where are you from and what is it famous for?

Abeokuta, Ogun State. famous for the rock now; Olumo rock.

10. whats your greatest fear?

I really don't have any fear but I am anxious about child birth.

11. what's the one thing you like about fashion, love and blogging?

I love fashion because of its voice, It speaks if only you can listen, Blogging gives me ability to speak my mind, thr love of christ trips me a lot, I mean who can die for my sins on earth if not him.


1. Give your definition of blogging?
2. What makes you unique?
3. If you were to steal something from your future what would it be?
4. Style or fashion?
5. Daily routines?
6. How often do you pray?
7. whats the best gift you ever received?
8. Gold or silver jewelry, which do your prefer?
9. What item do you think should be in every ladies bag?
10. your mantra?
11. if you have just one wish, what would you wish for?

My nominees are;

 1. princess audu
 2.  solange noel
3. style by mongo
4. missy may
5. The lady, her style and her lord

I hope my nominees accept their award, bye lovelies I love you all so much. Thank you and do have a blessed week.


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