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Hello Beautiful people,

Going shopping can be a whole lot of fun, but without a good plan it could be messed up and cost you a lot. It could lead to you over spending on items or can even be a waste of time. However, I have made some great shopping mistakes myself, but you can enjoy shopping as I give you step by step tips below.

1. CREATE A LIST OF WHAT YOU ARE BUYING: To avoid overspending and buying unnecessary items, always make a list of things you need. Don't forget that the price of clothes varies with season.

2. DRESS COMFORTABLY WHILE SHOPPING: Wearing light clothes while shopping gives you access to move around stores. It also allows you to remove clothes easily when trying new ones. I most times wear a T-shirt and jeans or pants anytime I went shopping.

3. CHOOSE WISELY: I always advise people to shop alone, whenever I shop alone I always get less confused. Also do not shop when you are in a bad mood so you won't be too impulsive, you can window shop instead. Even when you have to shop with someone, you can ask for their opinion but always have the last and final judgment to what you choose to buy, Remember it is you that would wear the clothes. Choose the right size, right taste, buy what you can wear in reality and not in dreamland. I am not a fan of mini shirts, if I buy them they would become an abandoned piece of art in my wardrobe :)

4. BUY COLOURS YOU LOVE:  Before embarking on your shopping journey, know the right colours that suits you well and colours you love. With that choosing the right colours to buy would be very easy. But choose solid colours too that you can pair with different colours.

5. BUY COMPLETE OUTFITS: Just incase you find a jacket that comes with a skirt, It is adviceable you buy them both (if you caan afford it). I actually sent my friend that lived in italy back then to buy me a chanel jacket. She told me that it came with a skirt but I asked her to buy only the jacket but till now I just can't find a skirt that matches it perfectly :(

6. BUY CLOTHES WITH GOOD QUALITY: With so much emphasis, please do buy quality clothes when shopping because they will be there for you for a long time. Quality clothes are durable and versatile. Some brand are known for good quality, please do buy them if you can afford them ( they are sometimes very expensive you know... LOL).

Shop wisely peeps, Just in case you buy from stores where you can't return the items, It would be a waste of time and money. TGIF guys and do have a great weekend.

p.s Google friend connect is having issues, is it just me or its affecting every blogger? 


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