Monday, 3 February 2014


purple bead and purple shoe
"If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first thirty minutes sharpening my axe"- Anonymous.
Hi lovelies,

Happy new month people!!! Welcome to that month of love and giving...  I found this picture I wore for last year's val but I have just this copy of it :). You know my laptop is acting funny and still under repair but I'm sure it will be fine soon. But thank God I found this picture on my chictopia blog, I have just this copy :( so sad. I didn't want to be all red, so i tried enhancing it with my bead that matches the boyfriend shoe ( I know I look too serious I wanted something different). Well, I will definitely do something different for val this year but what do you think, you know I really look forward to your opinion.

Now its your turn, your opinion and comments counts on this one; I want to blog every week and only on Mondays, Yippee !!! so now you get weekly fashion tips and fashion news and it will be consistent anyways. If you noticed I changed the blog title's color and did some little adjustments also. But I need your feed backs and suggestions. So I did something like a question and answer thingy below, Just kindly answer your sincere comment below... Thank you lovelies :).

1. What new stuffs would you like to see on the blog?
2. About the adjustments, what's your view?
3. What manner of post would you like to see and how can I meet your needs on the blog?
 Finally, Have I been responding to your needs with my post and write-ups?

Thank you so much peeps, I definitely would take note of your suggestions and comments...
p.s yours truely is on instagram, just follow @bellbaks to see my style before it gets posted :)

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