Monday, 10 February 2014


 celebrate this season with joy, gladness and on top of it celebrate Jesus- Belle baks

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Whew!!! Valentine coming soon and I don't think I am prepared... The thing is I have only spent the love season with my friends and it was nothing serious. I believe you can show love each and every day but some one dieing for the love of christ love is worth celebrating though. One thing I really do not like is people wearing white and red around the country. Come on!!! You can play with varieties of colours and still look 'lovely'. So here's the deal; I went through various clothing stores online to look for the perfect (well not so perfect way) to grace the occasion.

Now to celebrate the love in the air on earth, you can choose amazing colours like pink, black, red gown or sequined gown in various shapes and colours;  Its all about the accessories and make-up... For example, you can use a red lipstick on the black gown, to avoid a dull shade and  look fabulous for the occasion. The sad thing is I only found something for ladies :(. Well we are the ones who gets the most attention though :).

I went through and they have amazing dinner gowns and lovely clothes that I suggest would suit your outings for the season.See what I found;

pink top on leggings
source (

black valentine

fashpa sequined top
black and white bodycon

fashpa sequined peplum
yellow sequined gown
red gown
To get more of this lovely clothes check valentine lookbook on faspa. I hope you like my findings, Its just a simple look nothing extraordinary. More style suggestions would be appreciated. I am sure celebrating this years valentine in church, there's an event called lovecode @ the celebration church, you definitely don't want to miss it.

p.s: With so much excitement, I will be interviewing garner style, something for the thick ladies

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