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"Tekton- someone who understands something completely and transformed that knowledge into creations of wonders and excellence."- John C. Maxwell.

Hi Belles and Blokes,
fendi monster bags
source (google images)
Sometimes I wonder which other forms and shapes bags and clutches would take. At least, there's the perspex purses, magazine bags and purses and so many others... I'm trying to rack my brain if there is a bag called 'a phone bag', you know a purse in a shape of your blackberry or I-phone :)... But whichever shape or forms designers creates their design; it is awesome idea and creativity in action.

This year is a year of cute and lovely bag designs and Fendi's collections are just awesome. I just added Charlotte Olympia's owl shoulder bag to my wishlist until when I saw Fendi's collections. 

I love the bags, they are awesome, the fur- monster charms were first released by Fendi in September to celebrate Halloween and were sold for $700. 

fendi fur monster-face collections
 Charlotte Olympia Owl purse -source (purse blog)

 The fendi designs now also comes in Men bags, Women shoes and also in Mens coats. Okay, lets get talking, the designs are nice and they come in furs, strapped leathers and so on, but they are expensive! The peekaboo mini bag cost $19,500 and the python peekaboo medium bag cost $5,900. At least for you to afford this bags you definitely would have more than a million dollars in your account, and you attend one of the super duper rich schools. 

For now some of these bags are sold out and the charms are available in but you would need to add it to your wishlist.
peekaboo mini bag
source (

fendi python face bag
Fendi python face bag.

fendi fur bag
Fendi fur bag
fendi monster-face wallet
fendi monster-face wallet
fendi monster charms

fendi monster face charms
Fendi fur monster-face charms attached on fur bags.

You can get some of the price list on . The Mens version will be out in stores soon, but my questions are; Would you buy these bags for yourself, or for your loved ones or advice anyone to buy them? And which of these bags do you like most? Just click on comments to answer these questions. Have a splendid week ahead.

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