Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My 2013 Style Diary

"Better is the end of a thing than its beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit."

Hi Belles,

wide feet pant

 2013 style diary

Happy new year everyone!!! Welcome to the long-awaited 2014 .:) I guess I am doing this late? Forgive me for the long silence, its just that I have been very busy. As an hair stylist I have so many appointments for brides and their trains this season. I really miss blogging but now I am back and better. But just before I enjoy the new year flow I would love to share some of my 2013 style diary with you.

I had lovely experience in 2013; I started the blog in May, became a graduate, My lovely family reunion in the beach and also my Dad's 80th birthday. Also, I had some not-so-good experience; lost my uncle and grandmother but in all I thank God almighty for his protection. If it wasn't for his grace, where would I be?

My style in 2013 was different because I fulfilled my purpose and that's to be unique. Yeah I took some fashion risk but it turned out fine.

2013 style diary
2013 style diary

style diary for 2013

2013 style diary

2013 style diary
2013 style diary 

 Apart from my style, I took some time out with my lovely photographer- Gloria Etim to take pictures of belles with unique styles, and trust me I fell in love with their style at first sight.

cu's trad day

Cu's trad day
Thanks to God almighty, I had a fabulous year but I promise to show you better unique styles this year. 2014 has a lot of lovely packages. The blog will be one year this year, just keep commenting and you will partake of these surprises.
I love you guys plenty, thank you for your comments and for making my year splendid. Don't forget to tell me which picture I looked good and the one I didn't.

Bye Belles,

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