Friday, 25 October 2013

Style Icon of the week: Kerry Washington

Hi belles,
Hope you had a lovely week? Well mine was splendid; you wanna know why? I'm  having a nice time on Wassap :) yeah, family reunion thingy is coming up and I have met cousins I haven't met before and they have been making my week lovely, they are so funny I laugh almost every minute. Don't worry guys I would definitely show you their style and how we rock it in the family... The re-union is in December and I definitely won't disappoint you all.
Back to the business I have this style crush on scandal star Kerry Washington, I am really in love with her style see by yourself;

kerry washington styles

The scandal actress is the lover of most blog even on Tumblr, what can I say about her lovely fashion sense in IN-STYLE magazine; she's just too fabulous.

white suite and magazine purse
 When asked about her style secrets, she said ;"My smile"..I definitely would smile everyday to have her lovely style :)... but Kerry you rock girl.
 I think in fact I know the peoples magazine was right when they named her the most dressed celebrity.

What I love most is her unique way of matching colours and how she's always looking stunning on the Red carpet.

embelished gown
kerry washington McCartney gown
Kerry in Stella McCartney gown

(source: Google images)

Even though the lovely actress doesn't like secrets :) she is secretly married to Nnamdi Asomugha. Kerry I love your unique style anytime any day. What's your opinion about Kerry's style and which of her dressing do you like the most? your comment please.

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  1. her style is very sophisticated.
    nice blog

  2. Love her style! Such a beautiful and inspirational woman


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