Monday, 21 October 2013

Inspiration Column

"As a ring of gold in the snout of a swine is a lovely woman that loves discretion"- proverbs 11:22
Hi belles,
Abraham lincoln quotes

My intentions when I created this blog was to include a column for inspirations so it wont be about fashion and style alone and i'm doing that finally now.
 Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder or like some one said 'beer holder', which ever way beauty is a perception and it varies in individuals. For example the things that are pleasant to you might be unpleasant to me and vice- versa. Even though I love artworks, i cherish them the most when they have purpose and meaning. Just like the words of Bishop Oyedepo 'when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable'.
 Thanks to the most high for creating me to be a part of the female gender... I'm glad :). Yeah fashion and style gives you that uniqueness but wait, what is beauty without brains? Lets take a look at it; you were looking your best this very day and you received all the kind gestures you can ever imagine and suddenly someone decides to engage you in a conversation and you go mute! You don't even have the slightest idea of what the guy is talking about , then you give this grin that says it all!! Nah that's not good.
 Let me rephrase that bible verse above ; like a golden ring in the nose of a pig is a pretty woman without intelligence, that sounds better right. Well now I sound like a preacher, Right? LOL... don't worry now that we' ve found the problem, here's the solution.
Just like my brother would say a lady should have the little idea about most things, this idea is not enough you need divine wisdom and knowledge then wrap it up with divine understanding. Now he solution is be informed!!! Make reading your culture, the first and most current oldest book is the bible it gives just that divine wisdom and knowledge.
Think about it, what gives does pretty women out there confidence? it is knowledge, wisdom and applying that knowledge.They have read, watched and practiced it. I strongly believe that if your wardrobe is  larger than your library then you are not there yet.
 Improve yourself, read books from great authors like Joyce Meyer, her books gives confidence and motivation. Check her book like battlefield of the mind and approval addiction.
Joyce meyer
Books by John C. Maxwell also gives you inspiration and challenges your intellect.
John c maxwell
My advice; Let your brain be proportional to your beauty and with you can bring out that unique style and personality in you, even with the least expensive clothes, you will stand out. And above all, guard your mind with all diligence because out of it springs issues of life, discard negative thoughs and look your best.
                                             Bye Belles and a blissful week.
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