Saturday, 19 October 2013

federico mahora

Hi Belles,
For most women, dressing -up  is not complete without a good cologne to spark it up, also a good powder and a nice glossy lipstick to keep the lips from flaking. You definitely has seen beauty product ranges from christian Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, even from our very own Tara, having most of your beauty needs in their ranges.
 With so much joy I introduce you to a very lovely beauty product from Federico Mahora (fm).

I got to know about FM products in my second year in school, even though back then I was scared of using products I wasn't familiar with but now I am a living testimony.
The Fm group launched their oat beta glucan ranges, which includes; The hand cream, face cream, body balm and face cream. I would like you to know that Oat beta glucan regenerates the skin and improves the skin hydration level. 

Their products are so affordable even the oat beta glucan ranges between #2800-#3900, at least you know "food whey sweet na money kill am" lol... but that's not too expensive for belles now. They also have varieties of products; from perfumes to make- up to house hold products.
What I  love most about their products is their natural flowers and ingredients omg they smell very nice...

FM nail polishes and fruity lip gloss is also one of my favorite, I have been using my lip gloss for six months and its still effective.

You definitely want something for the kids, they should be excited because of these lovely products just for them... see below;
I guess you think am blabbing but don't worry a trial will confuse you to buy all the ranges :)... it will definitely convince you. You can check out for their other range life shampoo, foot scrub and many more.
For more information check their site on or contact your;s truly. Ciao

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