Monday, 3 June 2013


Welcome to the sixth month guys, I pray that the mystery of the sixth month as stated in Luke 1:34 will be yours IJN. To celebrate the new month on Sunday, I wore my wide feet pant and printed top both from Next to meet the lord and I used my floral necklace by Arizona to complement my dressing. Like I said before the mystery of the sixth month is about possibilities, Luke 1:34 talks about the visit of Angel Gabriel to Mary about her conceiving Jesus Christ and the barren Elizabeth conceiving John the Baptist. All this talks about possibilities because it is impossible for a virgin to conceive and also a barren woman but as said in Luke 1:38 with God all things are possible. Welcome to your month of possibilities take charge this month, do all you have to do and ask God to direct you this month and I assure you that he will bless every thing barren in your life. Just like some one said nothing is impossible even the word means I'm possible... stay blessed lovelys.

I was wearing

Next wide feet pants
New look shoe, Next printed top,
Arizona necklace

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