Saturday, 26 April 2014


yellow heels and perspex purse

polka dot shirt on yellow shoes

'I dont do fashion, I am fashion- coco chanel'

Hi lovelies,
There's something about the yellow colour that I love so much. It has a way of lightening up my mood. It's as if yellow and I would be forever Back then in junior school, I was always posted to yellow house during the inter-house sport and you wont believe ,it I always surprise myself in the relay race ( I always came first). I almost forgot about yellow not until I got these court heels that matched my convocation gown per-fe-ctly.
Even though I really don't like the quality of these pictures, I just love how the yellow colour suits me well.

I wore it on different outfit ( a polka dot shirt and a shirt dress) and I think I like the two. But which look do you like best? and would you wear a yellow shoe for occasions? Do you have any love for yellow? please do share in the comment box below.



P.S I blogged twice this week to make-up for my absence. :)

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